Monday Morning


Morning work fuel

Monday morning!  This weekend flew by, mainly in work mode on my computer but we did get out on the boat with some friends Saturday evening for a little sunset cruise which was so nice.  Back at it this morning, I have a meeting via conference call in a couple days so I’ve been pretty hunkered down with research stuff.  I have so many nice photos from my first week in Idaho to share with you guys though…soon!  For now, here’s a shot of how I started my day: coffee and wholegrain toast with peanut butter, bananas, and sunflowers seeds.  Goes well with the pretty sunflowers Essex brought me yesterday.  When I’m working on a big project, I break it up into pieces (months, weeks, days) so I don’t stress out about getting things done on time.  If I reach my monthly/weekly/daily goals I know I’m on the right track.  It helps so much with not feeling anxious when I’m relaxing or taking a break.  If I know I’m on top of my schedule I can fully enjoy my time off.  Same goes for when I’m studying!  Unless I’m in last-minute stressed out cram mode haha…then it’s all hands on deck and hope for the best on test day.  BUT if you stay on top of your work plan, you can avoid that!  Anyway, once I finish today’s work goals I will hopefully have time for a run in the evening (the best fresh air brain reset) and a blog post.  Talk soon babeskillets, Tita xx

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