Betty or Veronica?

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I’ve always been a Veronica ❤

Happy official Halloween!   I’m spending my day flying across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii so no dress up for me today.  I should be landing around now if my flights are on time (I scheduled this post ahead of time).  Anyway, I love Halloween so here’s a fun and easy Veronica look.  Perfect for your last minute costume needs with items you can liekyl find in your/your sister’s closets.  I got inspired from a popular TV show my sister watches, Riverdale, which is basically Archie comics meets Gossip Girl in the present day haha.  I based my costume on how Veronica dresses on the show: pearls (always), preppy skirts, heels, and a darker color palette.  Of course the final touch is a chocolate milkshake from Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe (vanilla is for Betty).  Have a spooky night babeskillets, Tita xx


Next Stop Maui!

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top: Brandy Melville / jeans: Mother Denim / slides: Chinese Laundry / belt: Gucci / bracelet: David Yurman / luggage: Delsey

Good morning from the airport!  Got up bright and early to catch a flight to Hawaii!  Waiting to board my first light and after a quick layover in Seattle, I’ll be cruising to Hawaii.  Island time for the week to celebrate a couple awesome things like my birthday and two amazing years with Essex.  So hyped!  Today’s comfy airport look brought to you by the cutest pink slides from Chinese Laundry.  Love these slippers, I mean shoes haha.  Went for some light-wash casual jeans, a white t-shirt, and my favorite Gucci belt.  Simple but cute: travel day necessity.  Time to enjoy my day of airporting and flying…am I the only one who actually loves it?  Always have haha, even the plane food.  It feels so great to be done a another big step in my research, too.  Overall, happy days on my end!  Can’t wait to see Essex the most (he’s been on island time for weeks haha).  Talk to you next week when I come back to the mainland.  In the meantime, keep up with my Maui adventures on Instagram (@titaszlachetka).  Aloha babeskillets, Tita xx

Halloween, Halloweiner!

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Moka the halloweiner ❤

Hola!  Today was a long day but an awesome day.  I presented my entire project proposal to my supervisory committee at the hospital and it went really well!  Approved!  Got home this evening so exhausted haha.  I’m not sure why presentations and meetings always make me so tired…must the energy spent being nervous/excited beforehand.  Anyway, after tying up some research stuff tonight I packed for Maui!  Officially done and ready to fly tomorrow morning.  It’ll be funny to fly on Halloween, I wonder if the flight attendants will dress up haha.  In light of tomorrow’s spooky holiday, here’s some majestic photos of Moka in her costume.  The halloweiner.  She actually likes this one (usually you can’t keep any clothing on her)!  I dare you not to smile after seeing a super content mini ween dressed as hot dog while perched on a pumpkin.  Happy Halloween babeskillets, Tita xx

Shoreline Trail Run

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My favorite running trail ❤

Hola!  Got to the hospital a little early and have some time to chill before my meeting and presentation.  Spent the morning practicing and in a mere few hours I’ll be on vacation mode of the week, woo!  The weather is beautiful today like it’s been the past while.  Such a stunning fall, I love being out and about in the city when it’s like this.  The other day I went for a run at my usual spot which I hadn’t done in a while.  It was so majestic and felt so good to run outside in the sunshine.  The colors where crazy nice reflecting on the water.  Pretty darn lucky to live somewhere were my usual running trail is this beautiful.  Alright, time to present!  Wish me luck babeskillets, Tita xx

Cozy Sweater Time

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sweater: A.L.C. /  jeans: FRAME Denim / kicks: Superga / toque: Miss Sixty

Happy Sunday everyone!  Here’s a simple cozy day look that’s perfect for long hours at your desk or in the library.  This is truly my fall uniform for work.  A warm sweater, some jeans, cute kicks and a classic Tita-touch with a toque.  I love how this whole outfit is based on white and navy, too…and of course, stripes always make me happy haha.  How pretty are the trees right now though!?  The fall is extra beautiful this year in Vancouver.  I spent my weekend working on a take-home midterm for my seminar course.  Ten pages of typing later and I’m almost done!  I also prepared for a presentation I’m giving tomorrow to my research committee, kind of nervous!  Quite the academic weekend haha.  But…after a stressful Monday I’ll be jetting off to Hawaii on Tuesday for a week!  Can’t wait to celebrate my birthday with Essex over there.  This is the second year we’re there for it so it’s an official tradition now haha.  These few weeks at home flew by and were pretty full of nerdy things…busy little nerd over here haha.  I still need to share all my Europe stuff with you guys and get back on a regular blogging program.  After Hawaii :).  Alright, time to get a little more work done then snooze o’clock.  Have a cozy fall night babeskillets, Tita xx

Newsboy Chic

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top: Wilfred / skirt: GRLFRND Denim (here) / boots: Public Desire / bag: Rebecca Minkoff (here) / hat: Peter Grimm / bracelet: David Yurman

Happy Thursday night!  I just got home after a morning of work, followed by an afternoon of seminars, then an evening of working on my proposal presentation.  I have a big meeting on Monday where I present my whole research project to a supervisory committee so this week’s been heavy on the arthritis research front.  Time flew by and I realized I didn’t post all week!  I think after that whole month off I had more to do to get back into the swing of things than I thought haha.  I did get to check out a ski movie premier over the weekend though!  Got me excited to go skiing soon…but first Maui next week!  So hyped.  I still have a mountain of content to go through from Europe (I’ll share it with you guys eventually, I promise!) but I’ve been shooting some fall outfits home in Vancouver lately, too so it’s time to roll out some looks.  Big fan of the conductor hat at the moment…at least that’s what I call these hats haha.  Makes any look a little more on trend.  It’s been such a pretty and mild fall in Vancouver which is the best for playing around with fun looks.  A mix of summer and winter pieces is always fun.  Paired my favorite denim skirt of the moment with a cozy turtleneck and finished the look with some above-the-ankle black boots.  Kept the colors palette simple with the hat being the statement piece.  Also loving this Rebecca Minkoff bag I got from Revolve, the silvery velvet is so lush and perfect for both daytime chill and nighttime glam.  Alright, time to wind down for the night and sleep.  Talk later this weekend babeskillets, Tita xx

Renaissance Ruffles in Krakow

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top: Lovers + Friends (here) / pants: FRAME Denim / heels: Valentino / bag: Gucci / bracelet: David Yurman / watch: Folli Follie / choker: Sorella

Hello from the other side!  After almost a month long hiatus from the blog, I’m back.  It’s been so nice having extended time off from research work and studying.  I was lucky enough to travel a ton, adventure with Essex, relax to the max, and spend time with family in Poland.  Such a special month.  From a sunny week in LA, to European escapades in Denmark, Poland, Italy, and the UK…it’s been amazing.  I finished up my month of complete freedom with an epic weekend of camping on beautiful Vancouver Island to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with a bunch of amigos.  It’s been wonderful and so refreshing to get medical facts off my brain for a little while, too haha.  I’ve been back for a week and have so many awesome photos share with you guys…from outfits, to food/cafés, to travel guides…so hyped!  During my trip I shared some of the adventures through Instagram stories along the way which was really fun to do, but I didn’t want to spend my vacation time on the computer editing hence the lack of blog posts (especially because I do most of my research and studying in front of a computer screen…the break was awesome).  Don’t worry though…my favorite way to wind down when I’m in the working grind is editing and blogging, so regular posts will be back soon.  Dove right back into work this week prepping an updated proposal for my research project.  I’ll email it out tomorrow morning after reading it over a few more times tonight…feels good to get it done, though!  I also got to catch up with my best friend Shannon over the weekend and check out her new condo in Squamish, so excited for her new digs.  Anyway, as I start to go through the photos and edit I’ll get back to sharing things on the blog (which I love to do :)).  For starters here’s a look from a dinner in Krakow, Poland at a 650 year old restaurant called Wierzynek.  This top by Lovers + Friends which I picked up on Revolve fit in so well with the renaissance vibes haha.  I love this piece though, a cool take on the ruffles and gingham trends for the fall.  The rest of the outfit was pretty simple; some black jeans, my go-to black leather Gucci purse and Valentino heels, and a couple of my favorite pieces of bling to glitz it up.  Alrighty, time to put the finishing touches on my proposal and edit it to perfection.  So nice to be back babeskillets, Tita xx