A Taste of Italy


I had the pleasure of dining at Robba Da Matti a few weeks ago for a second time. They opened a new location in the West End of Vancouver – and having loved the original location in Yaletown, I just HAD to go see the new zone. I decided to invite my mom, so we could have a nice mother daughter dinner date.

Interior goals – amirite?

The new interior is so gorgeous – modern yet cozy. Since it was a beautiful summer day, we sat in the outdoor patio/garden – which was so lovely and made us feel like we were in Europe a little bit hehe. The service was amazing as always, which made for an epic evening. What I love about Robba Da Matti is that you truly feel like you’re getting an Italian dinner experience (but in Canada!). Having been to Italy a few times (and fell in love with it…ugh I want to go back ASAP), it’s so cool finding a restaurant like this. And the food…simply delizioso.

Olives and wine – obviously!

We started the night off with wine (duh) and opted for a white which was so refreshing. They serve olives as a starter here, which I’m very supportive of – being an avid olive eater (seriously though – olives were my favorite food as a little kid and one of the only things I would eat haha).

Burrata or bust!

After a quick browse through the menu (where literally everything looks delicious) we honed in on some cheesy antipasti. First up, we ordered the burrata caprese which was to die for. Seriously, the best burrata I’ve ever had outside of Italy. They actually order it directly from Italy – hence the authentic taste. We also tried the fried burrata balls which were as good as you could imagine, with the most amazing pesto sauce. Also, I just need to take a moment to shout out the fresh baked bread situation because it was an excellent sitch indeed.

The main event

After those delish antipasti, it was time for the main course. The menu is full of tasty seafood filled pasta dishes (as well as some without seafood), speaking to various coastal Italian regions. My mom went for a Venetian dish, the spaghetti allo scoglio which was full of coastal goodies in a rich and flavorful sauce. I went for my favorite – the spaghetti alle vongole, also coastal but more simple with just clams and a light olive oil sauce.


After taking 178264 pictures of my pasta because it was just so beautiful and aesthetic – I dug in. The patio was such a chill place to enjoy the meal – we took our time, chatting and sipping wine…as is the European way.


Needless to say, the pasta was truly delicious and our plates where empty by the end of the evening. Some of the tastiest spaghetti alle vongole I’ve had in a long time.

Coffee and dessert to finish the night <3

After sipping our wine and enjoying the atmosphere a little longer, it was time to finish off the evening with something sweet. And a little coffee, of course. The panna cotta here is amazing (my fave), and the tiramisu is equally good. I sipped a latte to go with my dessert, while my mom went OG euro style and got an espresso. We had such a lovely night – both the food and vibe was perfect! Thank you so much for having us Robba Da Matti. Check them out here to make a reservation, because if you’re in Vancouver and like Italian food – this place is a must. Ciao babeskillets, Tita xx

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