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Iced or hot?

Happy Saturday!  We got back from Priest Lake yesterday early morning and I went straight into work and study mode.  On the same program for this weekend.  Pictures will come…when I have a chance to edit, sorry!  Thursday was epic though, it felt like we were there so much longer because we left early Wednesday evening and came back Friday morning…basically a like whole weekend.  The weather was beautiful, and we drove up in time to go for a sunset surf on the first night!  Spend all of the next day in the water: boating, surfing, dock chilling, and swimming.  Essex’s parents were there as well and it was so nice to spend relaxing time together!  Quite the contrast to my weekend thus far haha.  All good, maximizing time off and then being mega productive is so the way to go.  Here’s a tip for anyone in study mode for board exams or something of the sort this summer:  get a french press and make a whole batch of coffee in the morning.  I grab a cup of hot coffee to start then let the french press chill and make iced coffee with the rest throughout the day.  I put a glass with some ice inside the freezer to make it extra cool for when I poor the coffee in.  I add some milk to mine, as well.  You’re set for the day and don’t have to worry about making any more coffee…just pour and get back to work!  Alright, time to actually sip some iced coffee and get some more studying done.  Some girlfriend’s are here this weekend and boating on the lake in town today and I’m going to join them for a little later this afternoon…so time to grind it out so I can take that break later!  Ciao babeskillets, Tita xx

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