New Year, New Plans

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Neighborhood strolls, a cozy Moka, cute latte art, and flowers from my love <3

Haven’t written a life update post since the start of the new year so…welcome to 2018.  Reflecting back on the last year and what’s to come this year is exciting.  After a fall that was full of travel and a holiday season full of family fun, I’ll be staying more in one place this winter as I’ll be taking a break from my research job to study for alllll my USA medical licensing exams.  I’ve been on the study grind these past few weeks already.  It’s official, I want to be a doctor stateside and first things first: getting licensed to practice there.  It’s a decision I’ve thought of for a while and I’m glad I took my time to come to it.  Plus, it was perfect timing with my research as more data from patients can be collected while I’m off.  Win, win.  Anyway, if you’ve ever studied for big exams like this you know it’s like a full time job, think 8 or more hour study days for multiple months at time.  It’s super important to work hard but also treat your mind and body well so you don’t go crazy.  Eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well (I should take some tips from Moka…), and taking days off when you need to are all important.  I have the added bonus of the best side project: my blog!  So easy to disconnect from the medical facts and fit a little creativity and couture in my day.  Super grateful for that.  It’s great because I have so much content to share with you all from my travels this fall!  Speaking of days off (or even just half days off haha) the other week Essex came by for a Sunday Funday.  The perfect relaxed morning: breakfast a cute local spot, Omega Cafe (super fun latte art), with a side of beautiful flowers.  Flowers really do make everything better, even studying.  Love having them on my desk!  Anyway, time to get back to studying…but guess what?  I’m taking tomorrow off to go skiing!  Whistler has been getting so much snow that even in my study bubble I’ve been getting the ski itch hard.  Essex is coming later this afternoon and whisking me away for a night and day sans study in Whistler.  So excited!  But first, study.  Ciao babeskillets, Tita xx

PS – Let me know if you want more posts about studying, medical licensing exams, and stuff like that!

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