Study Hacks for the Long Haul

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The perfect study nook <3

A good study or work space is key when you’re undertaking a big project, but it’s also vital to switch up your surroundings once in a while.  Work from your desk at home, go to some local coffee shops, hit up a nearby university library (UBC has a beautiful Harry Potter steeze one – so dope), or create a different study space/nook in your home (or even backyard in the summer!).  I know it can be hard to stay focused and not burnout, as well as get kind of lonely when you’re on the solitary grind…so here’s five of my fave ways to overcome these struggles:

1.  Get as much as you can done in the morning.  For me, my brain somehow memorizes facts better in the AM, so I make sure to get a major chunk of studying done before noon.  Not only does this make me study more efficiently, but it also makes me feel productive by the afternoon and full of happy energy to continue working (versus feeling stressed about how little I got done so far that day).  Wouldn’t you rather relax AFTER studying knowing you’re not procrastinating?  Easier said than done, I know haha…but just sit down and start working.  You’ll be surprised how much you can get done and how relaxed you’ll feel later on.  Even if you have to study through to the evening, your mood will be less stressed, and therefore you won’t waste vital brain power on stressed out thoughts.

2.  Mini brain breaks.  Work out, make tea, walk your dog.  When I study, I do blocks of questions and flashcards at a time, and in between I get up and take a little break.  Whether it’s taking your pooch on a poop mission, talking to your roommates or family (or whoever is around haha), a quick tanning sesh in your backyard, or making something to eat or drink: these little 10-15 minute breaks are the perfect recharge for your brain and a quick escape from the study bubble (and screen time if you’re working on the computer).

3.  Workout.  Getting away from the screen is vital.  In this day and age, most studying and work is very computer based…and then you spend more screen time when you relax with Netflix or on your phone.  Can’t be the best for you.  A great way to take a break from this is to workout.  Not only are you getting that bikini bod, you’re giving your eyes and brain a break from processing screen images.  I love going for a run after a day of studying.  Taking in the fresh air while letting my brain relax is amazing, and I automatically feel less stressed afterwards.  Even a quick little Pilates workout in the morning makes a difference.  Plus, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands (if you don’t get this reference, shame on you).

4.  Do one thing you love each day.  Read a book, play tennis, grab a quick coffee with a friend, have a glass of wine, etc.  Make room (even a tiny bit of room) for something that brings you 100% joy.  You can stay positive and tell yourself you love to study and that it’s such a privilege to be doing what your doing, blah, blah, blah…BUT it’s called hard work for a reason haha, and you should try to add in a little something special to your day that you don’t have to convince yourself you love.  For me, this is usually a run (see tip number 3) or making some good tea and writing a blog post.  Easy-peasy.  The key is to go something just for YOU.  Bubble baths with champagne are recommended, as well.

5.  Schedule a day off.  Obviously you can’t do this too often if you’re in major review mode, but you should have one day a week that is fully free of studying.  I usually have a day that’s scheduled to be “off” and if I finish all the studying I had planned to do that week before that day comes around, I put the books away.  If I’m behind, I’ll catch up first, and if there’s time left over, take the rest of the day off.  Having a weekly deadline to finish a chunk of your review will give you incentive to get there and actually enjoy the “prize” of a full day off.  I love this, because whenever I start to fall behind, I’ll make extra effort to stay on schedule the next day so that I can have a day free of the books.  I usually do blog stuff on my off-days, so if I have certain things I need to shoot, I have an extra motive to stay on top of my studying, too.

There you have it, hope you find these tips useful and if you’re also in the midst of studying for a huge exam like me: all the best study vibes your way!  You’re not alone haha.  Let me know your top study tips!  Happy and productive studies this weekend babeskillets, Tita xx

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