Grin Toothbrush: Travel Hack 101

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Grin Toothbrush starker kit

I tend to travel more often than not, whether it’s a quick weekend somewhere or a longer overseas trip, and I’ve gotten pretty good a mastering packing all the necessities.  The one thing that always annoyed me was my toothbrush situation: I use an electric one at home which is bulky to pack with the charger, and using disposable toothbrushes can add up to be such a waste!  Literally billions of toothbrushes are thrown away each year, ending up in landfill.  Plastic is actually not only bad for the environment and oceans, but also our own health!  Enter: Grin Toothbrush.  When Grin reached out to me, I was excited to try out a product that is both perfect for my travels AND good for the environment.  This little aluminum puppy is the ideal travel toothbrush that you never have to replace (just switch out the brush heads as needed).  I’ve been using mine for the last couple weeks while I’ve been traveling, and so far I love it!  So small and easy to pack, too.  Keep reading to see where I’ve been and why I’m pretty darn into my Grin Toothbrush.

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White Rock, British Columbia

Minimize germs!

First of all, the flat design of the Grin Toothbrush handle makes sure your toothbrush doesn’t roll over onto a dirty bathroom counter and introduce germs into the bristles.  It lays flat perfectly.

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New York, New York

Pretty and functional!

The handle is made out of aluminum (versus plastic).  This anodized aluminum is durable, resistant to corrosion, and safe.  You essentially never have to replace it!  The sleek design is both cute AND functional, helping keep germs away from the brush head and bristles, as mentioned above.  I picked blue, but it comes in red and green, too.

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Fernie, British Columbia

Environmentally happy!

The actual brush heads are easy to remove and replace as needed.  The recyclable toothbrush heads use 85% less plastic than drugstore brands.  Not only are they better for the environment than the average toothbrush head, they use a super soft Nylon for the bristles that really gets the job done.  Gotta clean those chompers and prevent gum disease!

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Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


Grin also makes it super easy for you to take care of your teeth AND the environment by mailing your toothbrush and brush heads to your doorstep!  You get replacement brush heads mailed to you as needed, too – as well as get reminders when it’s almost time to replace them (for you lazy bums haha).  What’s great, is that you always have a few extra brush heads around so if you drop your toothbrush on the floor and it gets dirty, you’re set!  The starter kit comes with one handle and three brush heads, which is what I have, but you can even sign up for an annual subscription which automatically delivers you brush heads every year.  EASY PEASY.

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Brushing my teeth while saving the manatees <3

I’m stoked I got the opportunity to try this toothbrush – I’m hooked.  Love using something that I know helps preserve our world so that we can all keep taking in views like the ones above for a long time to come.  Find out more about Grin and get your own Grin Toothbrush here.  Also, use code “grinstagram” at checkout to get 15% off your subscription!  Happy brushing babeskillets, Tita xx


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