Airporting Like a Pro: Puerto Vallarta

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Carry-on luggage by Delsey: my fave for short trips and wool pompoms from a market in Sayulita!

Hello from Idaho!  Flew in this afternoon and am all unpacked and settled in.  Getting a little work done this evening and Essex is also working until late so I’m waiting for him to get home (check out what him and his rad bizz partners are the masterminds behind here).  We saw each other earlier this afternoon at their lakeside patio which was so nice…I missed him so much!  I took a little stroll around town and remembered how much I like this place.  Coeur d’Alene is a beautiful little lake town!  There’s such a sweet running trial along along cliffs, too which I’m so stoked to be able to do in the evenings after a day of researching.  Spend a good part of my day in airports today so I thought I’d share a little airport wisdom in a series I’ll start to call “Airporting Like a Pro” haha.  Episode 1: Puerto Vallarta.  If you’re flying in/out of here and have time to kill, here’s a couple things you can do!  This airport is very much catered to tourists (you literally walk through the middle of so many duty free shops on the way to your gates) and so there’s lots of Americanized places to grab food inside (there’s two Starbucks in this tiny airport haha).  We decided to skip that and check out the best fish burrito spot I’ve ever been to.  Taćon de Marlin is across the street from the airport (you walk across the overhead pathway).  It has delicious burritos, all seafood based.  The sable fish and bacon burrito is my favorite!  In front of this restaurant is also where you catch the bus North to Sayulita, Brucerias, etc if you want to bypass an overpriced taxi.  If you’re feeling a Pacifico, there is a outdoor bar right when you get out of airport arrivals.  This is where Essex was waiting for me when I flew in and we had some refreshing Pacificos.  It’s a small airport and easy to figure out, and with these spots you won’t be bored!  Alright, time for Essex to get home, I got wine spritzer supplies for a “Hello Idaho” toast tonight, and I want to make one already haha.  Over and out from Idaho babeskillets, Tita xx

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