Shred Life Episode 4: Birthday Shred!

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Full day of mountain fun <3

Have been hiding out in Whistler for the week to get my ski on and also to celebrate my man’s birthday the best way I know how: in the mountains!  The sun came out and it was full on spring shred for his big day.  Thought I would take this opportunity to present you with another installment of Shred Life.  After reading this, be sure to check out Episode 3 here (and from there the rest) for all your Whistler/ski must-know facts for doing the alpine thing like a boss.  First off, if you, your friend, your man, or your mom love skiing…there’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than in the sun, on a mountain, having a hoot. Here’s the agenda you need to follow (if you’re cool).

First thing’s first: breakfast. This can be done in a variety of acceptable ways, and I’ll highlight a few for you. Whip something up a home (chocolate chip pancakes are my specialty) to get fueled up for the day.  This is a great option if you live somewhere walking distance to the hill and don’t have to wake up super early to do so.  Option two is stopping for something en route.  My top two recommendations are: Gone Village Eatery (for your classic breakfast wraps and coffee vibes – a great place to post up with a book or your computer to work, too) or The Green Moustache (for a healthy smoothie to start your morning and also to even out the alcohol consumption that will inevitable be going down later in the day – my fave smoothie there is “The Einstein”).

Next it’s time to hit the mountains, and if you coordinate your day of birth with good weather…that would ideal.  Call up Mother Nature ahead of time.  The route: head up Whistler gondola, then up Peak Chair to get da view from da top.  Majestic mountains all around, with the Black Tusk right in front of you.  Great for classic Whistler photos (guilty).  Now it’s time to do a couple of laps on the Peak Chair in the sun!  After the appropriate amount of navigation through moguls to find fun pockets to ski on the peak, head over to Harmony and Symphony for some mellow high alpine turns…then it’s time to mountain hop.  Riding the Peak 2 Peak is always fun, those views will never get old.

Migrating to Blackcomb is key at this point as that is where the waffles are.  Delicious but with a high price tag, it’s the kind of thing you only get on a celebratory day.  Order them up with bananas, Baileys, or just berries: all options are approved.  The Crystal Hut is your run of the mill log cabin in the mountains with a patio overlooking endless mountain views.  Waffles and beer for lunch: it’s a diet.

Full of food, it’s time to get back on the slopes.  Spin a lap on Crystal then head to 7th Heaven for some sunny afternoon turns.  You see, you want to follow the sun (duh) and 7th Heaven gets sun into the late afternoon.  After some day-ender turns and then a speedy ski down to the bottom you need to complete the Birthday Shred with a little après.

Après in Whistler: options a’ plenty.  The Longhorn is great because you literally ski into the patio and it’s always rowdy.  There’s also the GLC, for a more chill “I’m so cool” vibe.  But, there’s tons of patios to post up at further in the village and a great one is The Beacon.  Caesars served in boots and jugs of sangria (plus beer, because obviously): sold.

There you have it, the perfect Birthday fun route!  What you do after après is up to you…haha.  Had the best day shredding around with Essex, so happy the sun was out all day!  Happy celebrating babeskillets, Tita xx


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