How to be Productive on Travel Days

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Sunrise somewhere over Louisiana

Life feels so busy lately that even when I’m on vacation I feel bad about not getting work done.  How to fix this?  I use my travel days to the max and get work (or studying or editing) done on the plane and in the airport.  Here’s a few tips I have for hustling through your travel days…

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Morning light: time to grind

Early morning flights are tough.  One of two things can be done:  catch up a some sleep, or dive into work.  Both are important.  If you have a long travel day ahead, getting a couple hours of sleep on that early morning flight can help you be rested and able to work away on the rest of your flights.  On the other hand, if working is your priority, I suggest splurging on your favorite caffeinated drink in the airport (treat yo’ self).  You’ll be stoked to sip on your delicious latte (or whatever your drink of choice is), which will give you an little boost of motivation to get. to. work.

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Layover in Dallas, Texas

Layovers are annoying but provide you with a chance to charge your laptop (if your plane was from ancient times and didn’t have charger ports), freshen up in a washroom bigger than Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs, and have the curious satisfaction of being in a random city you would never normally be in (even if you don’t leave the airport haha).  If you have more than half an hour of downtime before boarding your next flight: get to work.  Honestly, studies show it’s best to work for twenty minute uninterrupted intervals at a time…so a chopped up study day may seem bad, but in reality you might be retaining info better.  So use every chance you get!  It will all add up in the end.

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Area 51, dat you?

Now, once you’re all charged up and on a flight that isn’t at 4:00am, you can truly dive into your work.  A huge tip I have is to listen to classical music.  Airplanes are noisy, and if you have a good set of headphones (you know, the ones that cover your whole years and make you look a little gangster) you can get in your zone much easier.  Classical music is chill, and no words means it doesn’t interfere with all the words you’re reading/thinking in your head.  Just remember to keep a heads up for the refreshment cart (or am I the only one who loves plane food and drinks?).  I always say yes to tea or coffee to help keep me awake.

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California dreamin’

If you can, secure a window seat!  It’s the most secluded and you can take breaks looking out the window to refresh your brain as needed.  Definitely recommended on coastline view flights.

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High altitude mountain views

Download whatever materials and files you need before your flight so you have access to all the goods on your laptop.  If your line of work requires internet, look into the in-flight internet options before your flight so you’re dialed in right away (and don’t waste tine figuring out how to connect).  I try to stick to studying and work that doesn’t require internet because when you’re not connected, you literally have NO distractions in your way.

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Landing back in Vancouver, Canada – home sweet home <3

There you have it, how to make the most of your day in the sky.  Moral of the story: take any opportunity to work, no matter how short, because it will all add up!  I’m all about days like this but sometimes it’s so necessary to fully switch into vacation mode when you fly.  Sleep, watch movies, read a book, look out the window the whole time…your options are endless and it’s kind of the last place left that truly NO ONE can reach you.  Kind of awesome.  I mean, I know you can purchase internet on flights now…but like, isn’t it dope to be fully off the grind for twelve hours as you’re flying over the Pacific Ocean?  I think so.  Happy crushing babeskillets, Tita xx

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